Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Google Drive for iOS

Google has been working at upgrading what was formerly known as Google Docs. Their new and improved product is Google Drive. Drive is Google's cloud storage solution, very similar to Dropbox. You get 5GB of storage and can sync and manage files across multiple computers with a desktop app. A huge benefit to Drive over other solutions is the ability to collaborate on work from your computer and the Drive viewer which supports viewing a variety of file types like Adobe's Illustrator or CAD files without needing the software installed. Click here for more Drive features. 

Google has just updated its app for iPads and iPhones.In Google Drive's first release on the iPad/iPhone, you were only be able to view items that you had in Google Drive/Docs and edit the document's permissions. With the newest version, you can now create and edit documents too!

If you are collaborating with someone on a document, the app will continue to refresh every couple of seconds so that you have a similar experience as you do when collaborating on documents from your computer.

The app also supports richer presentations with animations and speakers notes so it has a great potential to lighten your load. If you haven't started using Google Drive yet and would like some help visit during out office hours or email  and some one will get back to you.

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